An Exceptional Salad with an Unusual Coconut Oil Dressing

For a number of reasons, I’m guessing that few of you have used coconut oil as a major component in a salad dressing before. It’s solid and chunky at room temperature. And, if you melt coconut oil, it will return to a solid stated as it cools. Generally speaking, it’s just hard to get your head around the idea that it’d be a good foundation for a salad dressing. But, when someone you trust and admire tells you something is a good idea, you listen. Coconut oil dressing was just one of the brilliant ideas that jumped out at me from the pages of Julia Sherman’s new Salad For President cookbook. It was relayed to Julia via Claire Evans, front woman of the band Yacht, and futures editor for Vice’s Motherboard website. Check out the description in the headnotes, ” …this recipe is gold. The trick is to warmth oil just enough for it to liquify, mix together all of the ingredients, toss them with the salad, and then let the dressing return to its solid state, tiny coating each leaf with a velvety, rich texture and bright citrus chile spice.” Right? I was sold so hard on the concept, a 4X, quad-sized version of the dressing resulted. What you’ll see below is my tweaked version of the amazing Tatsoi, Macadamia Nuts, and Shaved Coconut with Yuzu Kosho Dressing from Salad for President. I used kale because its what I had (my tatsoi quest came up short). Make a full meal of it by tossing some grilled tofu in a bit of the leftover dressing, and serve it on the side, or as part of the salad.

An Exceptional Salad Dressing

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