Whole Roasted Tikka Masala Cauliflower

Whole Roasted Tikka Masala Cauliflower | Naturally Ella

I am a bit surprised that it has taken me this long to share a whole-roasted cauliflower recipe but I was waiting for the perfect version. Turns out, the perfect version existed with a little help from one of my favorite recipes on the site: tikka masala lentils. This paste is a vegan recipe’s best friend. It’s full of flavor, mixes well as a sauce or marinade, and freezes well (I always make a triple batch!)

This tikka masala cauliflower is perfect for dinner, either for a family or as a holiday addition. I would recommend serving this with a chickpea or lentil salad, for a boost of protein. You could also replace the millet with quinoa. Read more and see the recipe.

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