Does Meal Frequency Matter? 3 Large Meals vs 6 Small Meals

We often get the age old question of meal timing…how often should I eat, when should I eat, what are the worst times to eat? This is a hot topic for researchers, so you may have heard many conflicting suggestions. Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Should I be snacking in between […]

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Crispy Gluten-Free Eggplant Parmesan

Crispy Gluten-Free Eggplant Parmesan

When the weather gets colder outside, I start craving all the warm, comforting, cozy meals. Think chili, shepherd’s pie, and hearty dishes like eggplant parmesan (which is on weekly rotation in our household)!

This is new my go-to crispy, gluten-free version that’s so easy to make, customizable, and insanely delicious. Let me show you how!

This 10-ingredient recipe starts with thinly sliced eggplant.

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Shaved Brussels Sprout Potstickers

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Potstickers | Naturally Ella

I’ve mentioned before my weakness for fried food. It’s definitely a group of foods I don’t eat often and it’s rare that I make anything fried at home (the oil!) However, over the years, I’ve morphed how I make dumplings to help give me a taste of something salty and crunchy. These Brussels sprout potstickers are quite possibly my favorite. I will always throw cabbage into dumplings and this version is just an extension of that. There’s a few ways you can go about shaving Brussels sprouts: a mandoline, a food processor with a shredding attachment, or a sharp knife. I typically choose the knife but the food processor makes quick work of the small heads.

Read more and see the recipe.

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10 Minute Instant Pot Mushroom Broth

I’m going to share one of my favorite broths with you today, and then I’m going to share a list of all the different ways you can use it. If you have dried porcini mushrooms, a few cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, and a bit of thyme, you’re in business. This broth is fragrant, earthy, direct, golden, and peppery – wonderful to sip hot and straight. It’s also great as a component in other preparations. I’m including an Instant Pot version of the recipe here (because, so fast!), and stovetop instructions as well (30 minute simmer). No one is going to miss out! It’s the prime time of year for this broth!

10 Minute Instant Pot Mushroom Broth

If you don’t have dried porcini mushrooms, but you do have dried chanterelles or portobellos, those will work too. Or, veer into the weeds, and make your own dried mushroom blend. If you love shiitake, maybe work those in here.

There are a bunch of different ways I like to use this broth. The photo you see here is some pasta I had on hand in a bowl with the hot mushroom broth, topped with some leeks and mushrooms (roasted on a sheet pan after a toss in a bit of olive oil), finished with a dusting of grated pecorino and toasted pine nuts. You could use raviolis, you could use another short pasta, you could also throw in chopped chard or kale for good measure.

10 Minute Instant Pot Mushroom Broth

Other Ideas: Use it as the broth in your favorite mushroom risotto. Use it as the broth in a soba noodle bowl with broiled tofu and some smashed scallions and olive oil. Pour it over a bowl of hot, steamed dumplings. I love it scalding hot with plump raviolis, like on a Wednesday night if I’m eating solo.

Broth Variations: There are also a bunch of ways to build on this broth, and tweak it. There’s a coconut version I love, and a turmeric version, as well, so be sure not to miss those in the recipe down below.

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Announcing: Food Video School!

Announcing: Food Video School!

Today is an exciting day because we’re launching Food VIDEO School (!!) – an entirely video-based course with 100+ jam-packed lessons to show you step-by-step how to create stunning, DELICIOUS food videos!

Sign up to today and start learning this invaluable skill that will set your blog and your brand apart!

We’ve been hard at work on this course with our friends and professional food videographers at October Creative to bring you all of the information you need to make recipe videos that not only look good, but are vibrant, high-quality, and reflect your brand’s style.

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Last Minute Red Lasagna

Making lasagna doesn’t have to be an all-day affair. This is a true weeknight lasagna. No pre-cooking sauces, no pre-cooking noodles. You, literally, stir the first five ingredients together into a vibrant crushed tomato sauce, and start layering. Also, it isn’t a cheese bomb. I try to keep things light here. It’s the rare lasagna that is arguably healthful enough to make once a week, and still feel like it is working in your favor. Very light on the cheese front, yet still hitting the lasagna mark. Served alongside a good salad? It’s nice payoff, with minimal effort.

Last Minute Red Lasagna Recipe

A couple of related tips. If you come across fresh pasta sheets, stock up. You can freeze them, and then you always have them on hand. Alternately, if fresh pasta is hard to find where you are, stock up on no-boil (whole wheat, if possible) lasagna sheets. These are the ones I come across where I live. It’s hard to make the mental leap that they will work out. It seems impossible, because they’re like dense, stale crackers, and…no boil!? But I’m always pleasantly surprised.

Last Minute Red Lasagna Recipe

Last thing! Sometimes I spice the red tomato sauce with curry powder and a big squeeze of fresh orange juice for a fun twist – I’ll note that variation in the recipe below. I’ll also note a variation that omits dairy altogether. If you use egg-free pasta, it’s a good vegan version.

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Noodles in Curry Broth with Spinach and Egg

Curry Broth Noodles with Spinach and Egg | Naturally Ella

One of the easiest things to make at home is broth. Toss vegetables, herbs, and/or spices in a pot, cover with water, then let cook for an hour or so. The result is a delicious liquid that you could easily drink by itself or use in your favorite soups. Usually every other week or so, I make a big batch of broth to freeze (usually in freezer-safe ball jars.) You can also use scraps instead of whole vegetables. Onion ends/peels, carrot peels/tops, and celery bottoms/tops- all work really well.

Now that I’ve convinced you of the curry broth, this noodle bowl is another 10 minutes. The noodles soak up all the flavor you made in the broth and the greens help bring the oomph. This is about as easy as dinner can be (just waiting for the broth is the hardest part!)

Read more and see the recipe.

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Instant Pot Fiasco Beans

Not the most attractive recipe, but never mind that! What this pot of beans lacks in looks, it makes up for in flavor and simplicity. Seriously! This recipe is for all of you with a new Instant Pot, but I’ll also include the conventional version where you slow cook these beans in a low temperature oven. Both are incredible, but I have to say, I was astonished by the flavor and texture of the beans cooked in the Instant Pot, and the broth had so much body!

Instant Pot Fiasco Beans

Here’s the scoop. I’m still putting my new Instant Pot through its first paces (here’s a starter guide I pulled together), and decided to attempt to adapt one of my favorite bean recipes. If you’ve heard of fagioli al fiasco, you know where we’re headed – I included a version in my last book. Traditionally this is a Tuscan way of slow cooking beans, overnight in the embers of a fire place – beans, garlic, chile flakes, olive oil, and rosemary. Not much else. Unfortunately there’s no wood-fired oven in my house, so years ago, I adapted a version to slow cook in a dutch oven for a few hours in a low-temperature oven. It’s one of my favorite bean recipes. And now, taking things a step further, we’re going to do a riff on that version for the Instant Pot (or whatever electric pressure cooker you have). The fragrant broth is freckled with olive oil and develops an incredible amount of flavor – even more so when cooked under pressure.

Instant Pot Fiasco Beans

There are a couple details worth noting. We’re going to pressure cook pre-soaked beans here, and then stir in kale after the beans are cooked, to make this more of a super healthful (and delicious!) one-dish meal. The residual heat from the pressure cooker will cook down the kale. You can serve the beans just like that, stew-like, perhaps with a thread of olive oil drizzled on top. Or, you can load up your bowls with whatever toppings you have. Pictured here: chopped scallions and cilantro, quick pickled red onions, a squeeze of lemon juice, dusting of cheese. If none of these are your jam, a simple, spicy chile oil might hit the spot. I love bean stews with a strong kick of chile oil.

Please let me know what you think here! This is my first attempt at writing a recipe for the IP, and I want to do a good job of communicating instructions (so many buttons!). Also – there are many different models, and I want the recipes to cross over devices, etc. This one seems pretty straight forward – ingredients in the pot, pressure cook, stir in kale, serve with any toppings you like.

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