Pesto Asparagus Egg Skillet

Pesto Asparagus Egg Skillet | Naturally Ella

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This time of year always feels a bit like waking up from a long nap. Coming out of winter, my family still has slow weekend mornings often filled with lots of coffee on the patio and a solid mid-morning brunch. Even though I have more time to make breakfast, I’m still in the mood for quick meals that can easily serve all three (or more!) So, when Pete and Gerry’s asked me to make a brunch that highlights eggs, I knew exactly what I was making. This pesto asparagus egg skillet is just about my perfect weekend breakfast. Plus, Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs are Certified Humane so I know the eggs I’m eating are coming from hens that are treated well.

A couple notes about this asparagus egg skillet. I love shaved asparagus because once you get the feel for how to shave it, the asparagus requires hardly any precooking. I typically make pesto ahead of time because I like to keep a batch around for pizza and pasta. I know basil isn’t quite in season yet which means it can be a bit pricey. My favorite hack for this: spinach pesto. Requires a lot less pesto but you still get the wonderful basil flavor!

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