Garlicky Pea Pasta with Cream Sauce

Garlicky Pea Pasta with Cream Sauce

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Having a child drastically changed my cooking. Most drastically: the amount of items I make at home. Pre-child, I’d easily spend hours in the kitchen making homemade everything. I don’t have that kind of time anymore and occasionally I miss. And so, I’ve been trying to add some of these items back in. One of my favorite items to hand make: pasta.

Pasta is a fairly basic homemade item but it’s beyond worth it. The flavor and texture is unmatched by the dried pasta found in grocery stores. While I like to grind my own flour for the pasta, I wanted to share a recipe that didn’t involve that (and was a bit more friendly to people who might not fully be on the 100% whole wheat flour train).

Bob’s Red Mill all-purpose flour is a staple in our home. I use it in my sourdough starter and I use it when I’m making breads (because I’ve yet to nail a 100% whole wheat loaf that I’m in love with). This pasta is 50% all-purpose and 50% white wheat flour. The combination makes the most tender homemade pasta which is perfect in this garlicky pea pasta.

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