BBQ Chickpea Loaded Potato with California Avocado Ranch Dressing

Overhead shot of mashed bbq chickpeas on top of baked potatoes, served with a drizzle of green avocado dressing.

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June is California Avocado Month for good reason. A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to head south and see firsthand what goes into bring an avocado to your table. There’s so much technology behind it (the sorting process alone is amazing) and the farmers behind the fruit really care about the trees and the avocados. California has 4000 avocado growers that produce 90 percent of the avocado crop in the United States.

And so, in honor of avocado month, I’d thought I’d share a fun/unique way to use avocados (that isn’t toast!) My family has a weakness for ranch and a bit of love when it comes to combining it with bbq. these bbq chickpea loaded potatoes are the perfect veg-friendly way to get protein into your meals and appease some of those people that might still crave some of the meat-potato flavor.

In terms of the avocado ranch dressing, the avocado acts in place of the mayo. It’s the perfect swap in my book and with enough herbs, the dressing tastes really similar to my more traditional homemade ranch. Best of all, this dressing is perfect if you happen to leave an avocado on your counter a day or two too long. Softer avocados are a blenders best friend.

Read more and see the recipe.

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