Summer Vegetarian Paella

Close-up, overhead shot of vegetarian paella layered with summer squash.

This recipe is an update from an older recipe. Over the years I’ve tinkered very slightly but I felt this vegetarian paella deserved a little refresh. Don’t be confused, it’s not a ratatouille- I just love the look of the layered vegetables. Also, this is not a traditional paella. Quite a bite is different (including the type of rice used) but it’s a paella in spirit.

A couple notes. You will see I partially precook the rice. I’ve never had luck with brown rice cooking in tomato-based liquids (and from comments I received, neither have a lot of people). Since I primarily make this with short grain brown rice, the instructions are very specific for this kind of rice. Also, you won’t see saffron in the dish (a very integral part to a classic paella). I’m including it in the variations- it’s an expensive spice that is not always the easiest to source.

Read more and see the recipe.

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