Blueberry Chia Jam with Yogurt and Sunflower Crunch

Overhead shot yogurt topped with blueberry jam and granola with cups of coffee and a pink linen.

One of my favorite coffee shops in town serves two hot food items: waffles and yogurt bowls. If I had my way, I’d eat both, everyday. The waffles are perfect and they make a homemade jam for topping which they also use on their yogurt bowls. Since it’s not cost-effective for me to eat there every morning, I decided to come up with a quick breakfast that incorporated the same idea of jam + yogurt.

I know chia jam is one of those things that might feel silly but it’s kind of amazing. It comes together quick and the chia seeds make for the perfect texture. The blueberry chia jam is also perfect for all that summer fruit you might have on hand (including stone fruit). Add to that my favorite sunflower crunch that is like granola but just seeds: it’s a meal.

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