Pan-Fried Pears with Honey and Ginger Einkorn

Pan-Fried Pears with Honey and Ginger Einkorn

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One of my favorite things is to make a breakfast that feels like it could easily double as dessert without being heavy on the sweetness. For example, I could eat these pan-fried pears everyday. They provide the perfect example when I want something sweet for breakfast but don’t want to reach for a doughnut or chocolate croissant. It’s also my way of eating a yogurt bowl where the ratio is 75% topping and 25% yogurt.

The einkorn and the pears really form the core of this recipe. I love using pears because their sweetness allows for minimally added sweetener (which is a big deal when using plain yogurt!) Also, by using a pear that holds up well to heat, like the Bosc variety, it’s a beautiful and easy presentation. Best of all, the pears are high in fiber and carbohydrates which pairs perfect with the protein count of the yogurt and fiber/protein in the einkorn. It’s such a great way to start the day!

I’m excited to be teaming up with Raley’s and California Pear for this recipe. Raley’s is a Sacramento-based grocery store that I love because I have two stores within 5 minutes of my house. Also, I know that I can have my groceries delivered from a local company (super helpful when you have a toddler who isn’t always keen on running errands!)

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