Chipotle Red Kuri Squash with Chickpeas

Close-up overhead photo of Chipotle roasted Red Kuri Squash with Chickpeas and herbs

Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing off-the-cuff recipes on instagram (which I save in highlights). This has primarily been because at the heart of cooking, I don’t measure anything. Exact recipes aren’t my thing (which may come as a surprise, given I’ve run this site for 10+ years). While I’m more than happy to help people out with a solid recipe, my passion for cooking is rooted in using my knowledge and senses to make a delicious meal.

This also comes in handy when I’m trying to use up odds and ends of what I might have left. And so, I created a series on instagram stories where I cook through a recipe I’m making up on the spot. And after the fact, I’ll occasionally post the more successful ones on the site. That’s where this red kuri squash comes into view.

Red Kuri Squash, not your pumpkin

In the realm of winter squash, those that do not need peeled reign supreme in my kitchen. Delicata, acorn (in some instances), and red kuri squash are my go-to varieties. This thin-skinned variety looks similar to a pumpkin with it’s orange outer shell. However, it’s better than pumpkin (and yes, those are fightin’ words).

Red kuri squash has a slightly sweeter flavor that is often compared to chestnut. I find the flavor to be a bit more robust. This, paired with the thin skin, make it a great ‘star of the show’ squash.

Can’t find red kuri squash? Go for delicata or peeled butternut squash. This roasted squash would also be delicious with sweet potatoes (you don’t have to peel those either!)

The heat: Chipotle

You can pick up chipotles in adobo sauce in most aisles that house all the good Mexican ingredients. However, if you can’t find those, a sprinkle of chipotle powder will work. You will need to add a bit extra oil (about ½ tablespoon or so) to accommodate for the wetness of the canned peppers.

An unexpected bean

Most of the time with these flavors you’ll find pinto beans or a softer bean. I love this meal because the chickpeas add texture and soak up all the flavors. You could swap in white beans or pinto beans, but the texture won’t be quite the same.

Add some grains

If you’re looking to bulk up this dish a bit more, add 1 to 1 ½ cups cooked grains. I’d prefer to go with a grain that has texture. Spelt, einkorn, or sorghum would be up there as top choices. All of these grains would pair well with the sweet flavor of the red kuri. Of course, you could always go with quinoa for quick cooking.

Go green

Finally, I love leftovers of this red kuri in salads. Simply toss with your favorite greens and a bit of lemon vinaigrette for an easy next-day/transform leftovers dish.

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