Chickpea Crepes with Roasted Vegetables and Chipotle Compound Butter

Overhead photo, close-up, of yellow chickpea crepes topped with parsnip and carrot pieces and chipotle compound butter

I love recipes like this one. There are three components, all in their own way delicious and solid. Straight-forward roasted vegetables look like the star but I actually think it’s the chickpea crepes and the chipotle compound butter.

Compound butter and do a little dance

There’s nothing quite like compound butter. Butter is pretty fantastic as it is but when you start playing with flavors that like to tango with the creamy fat, it’s a new level.

What can you add to butter? Truly a lot. Garlic, ginger, herbs, spices, truffles, and sun-dried tomatoes just to name a few. From there you can use these butters on bread, tossed with roasted vegetables, as a pasta addition, added to steamed vegetables, or tossed with homemade french fries (a favorite of mine).

I think what I love most about this particular butter is that it’s smoky without being overly spicy. The chipotles add just the right amount of heat that helps to balance some of the butters richness. The butter makes more than you need, so plan to use it again later in the week.

Chickpea crepes: you need these

I’m not joking, you need these. Chickpea crepes have a subtle flavor but are naturally gluten-free and have a bit of protein. The are such a solid base for numerous veg-friendly meals.

One note, these crepes are different than socca. Socca is thicker. These crepes are my traditional crepe recipe with a couple small tweaks to accommodate the chickpea flour.

Roasted Vegetables

Finally, I know the vegetable combination might be a bit surprising here considering I’m known for squash and sweet potatoes. However, I love the carrots and parsnips together. Not only is the color beautiful, the mellow earthy flavor is the perfect compliment to the crepes and chipotle butter.

Of course, you have options. Swap the carrots and parsnips out for sweet potatoes, squash, other root vegetables, or summer flavors like peppers, green beans, and corn.

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