Cream Cheese Roll-ups with Crepes and Vegetables

Overhead photograph of cut-open roll-ups showing vegetables, cream cheese, and crepes.

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As we prepare for Mack to head to school, I’ve been working on my tiny-finger lunch game. He’s a solid eater but I do like having fun options. Plus, these vegetable crepes aren’t just for kids. I love to pack these cream cheese roll-ups for car trips and hiking trips.

Why Crepes for Cream Cheese Roll-ups?

I love a good lunch sandwich but sometimes we don’t have bread or I like something a little lighter. These crepes are easy to make once you get the hang of the pan swirl and best of all, you can make large batches to freeze.

Bob’s Red Mill Wheat Flour

One of the other reasons I love crepes: they are super easy to make with alternative flours. Whole wheat is my go-to which is why I was excited to make these crepes with Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat flour. Of course, you could always switch it up and use all-purpose or even oats (like in these other savory crepes I’ve made!)

A straight-on photograph of a bag of bob's red mill whole wheat flour.


While there are some brands of vegan cream cheese, which you could easily use, I prefer to mix it up a bit. My favorite way to make these vegan is use a good hummus. The hummus works well with the herbs. Other options include roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, and/or sun dried tomatoes.

The vegetables

Finally, when it comes to the vegetables, use whatever you have on hand. These wraps are forgiving and really work with anything. Beyond the fresh vegetables, roasted vegetables or grilled vegetables work as well. I find these whole wheat crepes can really go any direction you might want to take them.

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Overhead photograph of shredded vegetables, herbed cream cheese, and a whole wheat crepe

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