Marinated Halloumi Skewers with Summer Veg and Chipotle-Lime Peanut Sauce

Close-up overhead photograph of halloumi skewers with summer vegetables and a peanut sauce on the side.

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Chances are, during the summer, I’m grilling halloumi skewers once a week. There’s nothing like putting fire to vegetables and cheese. I love the charred flavor and crisp cheese. In this recipe, I’ve paired the skewers with a delightful peanut butter sauce because who can refuse grill vegetables and a delicious sauce?

Halloumi Skewers: forever grilling

Because we don’t buy meat, I don’t mind spending money on the halloumi. This tasty, salty cheese is the perfect star of the show for a vegetarian main. If you can’t find halloumi or don’t want to spend the money, there are different grilling cheeses (literally called grilling cheese). The other option, which would make these easily vegan, is to use extra firm tofu.

Cubed halloumi with olive oil, salt, and pepper

That Peanut Butter Life

If you were to ask my family what one pantry staple they couldn’t live without, it would be peanut butter. We go through it quite often. Whether it’s for the classic peanut butter sandwich (usually with banana and honey), as a dip for some fresh cut apples, or as a sauce, like in these halloumi skewers.

I’ve also found, with a kid running around, peanut butter is still an easy way to get him a little extra protein and fiber in his diet (his favorite is spread on a rice cake topped with thin slices of bananas!) If you need even more peanut butter inspiration, you can pop over to this site for more recipes.

Overhead photograph of peanut sauce with chipotles and limes

The Vegetables

When it comes to vegetables on skewers, you can’t really go wrong. I like to stick with the classic vegetable skewer options but I’ve also been known to experiment. Snap peas can be fun as well as heartier vegetables, like sweet potatoes. I also think these skewers would be delicious with blanched green beans and peanut butter sauce!

Make it Vegan

As mentioned above, but I found it worth stating again, swap the halloumi out for tofu. You can’t go wrong here. Sure, some of that salty goodness from the cheese is gone but I do love a good grilled tofu skewer as well.

Serve it With

Best of all, these skewers hold their own but you could easily serve them with a grain pilaf, simple salad, or maybe some nice marinated beans. Think summer cookout and party!

For even more peanut butter recipes, head here.

Halloumi and Vegetable skewers with a peanut sauce on the side

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Overhead photograph of halloumi and summer vegetable skewers topped with a chipotle peanut sauce

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