Curried Cauliflower Rice with Lentils & Crispy Shallot (Mujadara-Inspired)

Curried Cauliflower Rice with Lentils & Crispy Shallot (Mujadara-Inspired)

Have you ever tried mujadara? If not, you’re totally missing out.

What is Mujadara?

Mujadara is a satisfying vegetarian dish with Middle Eastern and Arab influences. It’s traditionally made with rice, lentils, and caramelized onions, making it incredibly affordable and satisfying.

The spices can range in simplicity from just salt, pepper, and cumin to more complex flavors like cinnamon, lemon peel, and cayenne pepper.

What Makes our Version Unique?

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Kitchen Reveal (with before and afters!)

This post is sponsored by GE Appliances.

There are certain facts you probably don’t know about me that I like to occasionally drop. Today’s fun facts: I love a good before and after photo. I’m obsessed really. Also, I had a brief stint my freshman year of college where I thought about transferring out of my four year degree to find a program for interior design. I didn’t but the love is still there. So, when we bought a house it stands to reason I’d start taking on projects, starting with the kitchen.

Our house was built in 1979 but the previous owner had done some updates. In the kitchen, the countertops, sink, and floor had been replaced. What was left were the original cabinets. And don’t get me wrong, I love wood and it’s rare that I would paint over it. But, there’s a lot of wood in our house and I felt I needed something fresh in the kitchen.

And since I wasn’t about to replace the countertops, I really wanted to work with what we had and the one thing I knew going in: there’d be no white cabinets (except for that time the cabinet company painted my cabinets the wrong color).

I thought at first I’d try my hand at filing the wood grain and painting myself but I’m learning to admit when I’m in too deep. And so, I researched cabinet resurfacing. This process is when then cover your cabinets with a thin layer of wood and give you new door fronts/drawers. When the guy gave me a quote he also said that cabinets aren’t always made as well as they were (big surprise) so it’s beneficial to keep old cabinets and it doesn’t produce as much waste as a full kitchen remodel.

We added simple black handles to the doors as well as replaced the electrical outlets and sink faucet to match the appliances.

So the big question: why did I choose GE’s Cafe line?

I worked with GE for the appliances in the studio almost two years ago, so I’ve put their appliances through the test of recipe development and large recipe-heavy photo shoots. I’ve been impressed at every step of the way. The appliances feel well built and I’ve had zero issues in the time I’ve had the studio.

And so, with the house, I went with the Café Appliance line. Not only are they beautiful but they also have the same functionality and feel as the appliance I have in the studio. The only difference? I went with induction in the house. I love how fast I can boil water and the even heat induction provides. Plus I find it pretty cool that we can cook things with magnets but that might mean I’ve been hanging around my four-year old a lot.

The Appliances:

Café™ 30″ Smart Slide-In, Front-Control, Induction and Convection Double-Oven Range
Café™ 22.2 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator with Hot Water Dispenser
Café™ Stainless Interior Built-In Dishwasher with Hidden Controls
Café™ 1.7 Cu. Ft. Convection Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

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Vegan Chocolate Protein Pudding (Two Ways!)

Vegan Chocolate Protein Pudding (Two Ways!)

What’s more amazing than chocolate pudding? A healthier, protein-packed version!

We’ve been pudding fans since forever and chocolate is our absolute favorite (obviously). But any time we can make a dessert healthier without compromising flavor, we’re in!

With more than 10 grams of protein per serving, this naturally-sweetened, 6 ingredient, 1 blender protein pudding is a winner. Plus, we created two versions: one with cashews and one with black beans!

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Easy 1-Pot Massaman Curry

Easy 1-Pot Massaman Curry

Excuse us while we dive head-first into this creamy, luxurious, 1-pot Massaman-inspired curry.

What makes this recipe easy, you ask?

  • It’s made without store-bought Massaman curry paste, which can be difficult to find, utilizing red curry paste instead!
  • It uses ingredients you likely have on hand right now.
  • We include protein options for vegans, pescatarians, and meat-eaters so you can customize and simplify as needed!

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Heirloom Tomato Salad

I’ve thrown together a lot of tomato salads in my life. And certainly not all need to be highlighted here…That said, I made one over the weekend that is a bit offbeat, in a good way -a seasonal salad worth sharing. I think the magic happened when I decided to roast half of the tomatoes. The salad became a mix of beautiful heirlooms in shades of greens, reds, yellows, and orange, tossed with their roasted, caramelized counterparts. The roasted tomatoes brought depth to the salad – well worth the bit of extra time and effort.

Heirloom Tomato Salad

Building on the tomatoes

Beyond the tomato base (use your best & make sure they’re ripe), I found myself pulling from ingredients around the kitchen. Capers, quickly pan-fried, added a mustardy pop. Crunch came from toasted almonds, and creamy fresh mozzarella delivered just the right amount of decadence. Fresh herbs added a bright finishing accent.
Heirloom Tomato SaladHeirloom Tomato Salad

Tomato Salad Variations

Don’t let my version influence you too much. Play around! You can take the basic premise (a tomato salad made with a mix of ripe and roasted in-season tomatoes) in unlimited different directions. Try different nuts, herbs, and vinaigrettes. A version using this pesto is A+. Experiment with different tomato varietals and shapes. 
Heirloom Tomato Salad
It’s easy to prep nearly everything ahead of time here, and I have to tell you, this salad served on slabs of garlic-rubbed bread? Or partnered with oven-baked falafel tucked into warm pita bread? Best lunch I had all week.


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Late Summer Pasta with Cream Sauce

If you follow me on instagram, this recipe might look familiar. If you don’t, you’re missing out! Occasionally I share new recipes and videos on instagram-only but as I way for people to not fully miss out, I’ll be sharing these recipes occasionally on the site.

This recipe is a solid summer staple, primarily because it’s great to use-up bits and pieces of summer product. This is especially helpful when it’s a bit later in the season and you might be a bit slower on being creative with the produce.

Really, use whatever produce you might have on hand. Summer squash, zucchini, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, peppers, or even eggplant would be good. You could also make a vegan-like version using something like this sunflower sauce.

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3-Ingredient Moringa Latte (Caffeine-Free “Matcha!”)

3-Ingredient Moringa Latte (Caffeine-Free “Matcha!”)

Friends, the day is here. Ready to learn my secret for making a delicious caffeine-free “matcha” latte?! Let’s do this!

How to Make Caffeine-Free “Matcha”

The secret is moringa powder!

Known as the “miracle tree,” moringa is poised to be the latest trendy superfood. But trends aside, we’re convinced it’s one seriously magical, nutrient-dense plant, and we’re so excited to share more about how we’re putting it to use.

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Tomato Rice Pilaf with Chickpeas

This post is sponsored by Lundberg Family Farms.

September is still for Tomatoes

I always find it funny that in September, talk turns to fall and all the produce that comes with it. I too am ready for cooler weather but I’m not ready to give up tomatoes. I’ll still happily be cooking up a storm of summer produce until I can’t (because there’s plenty of time for sweet potatoes).

I do, however, find myself trending towards meals that could serve as a packed lunch or a beautiful, simple dinner. Plus, I was able to pick up dry-farmed local tomatoes for this recipe, taking the flavor over the top.

Salad being assembled in a kitchen

Lundberg Family Farms

I’m excited to partner with Lundberg Family Farms for this recipe. A couple years ago I had the opportunity to visit a rice harvest with Lundberg and it reinforced what I already knew: they are a good company that is committed to preserving the land for future generations all while making a wonderful product.

If you scroll back through all the recipes on the site with rice, you’ll notice I’m a bit obsessed with Lundberg Family Farms Organic Short Grain Brown Rice. This whole grain rice has the perfect soft texture with just a bit of stickiness, which is essential when making grain bowls and pilafs. Plus, knowing Lundberg Family Farms commitment to high quality rice makes this dish extra special.

Make this a Meal

I kept this light because I wanted to be able to move in a few different directions with it. This tomato pilaf, as is, is a delightful, easy dinner. The short grain brown rice helps cling to the tomatoes, the walnuts/herbs bring the dish together, and chickpeas bring the protein.

I love serving this pilaf with a side of roasted vegetables (depending on the time of the season it could be green beans or it could be roasted sweet potatoes). And, I’m usually serving this with a big salad.

Tomatoes tossed with rice, herbs, walnuts, and chickpeas

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Cashew Coconut Oat Milk (Our Oil-Free Take on Oatly Barista Milk!)

Cashew Coconut Oat Milk (Our Oil-Free Take on Oatly Barista Milk!)

Have you ever ordered an oat milk latte (or matcha) at a cafe, and wondered, “Why can’t I ever make it this good at home?”

Yes? Then this recipe is for you.

What is Oat Milk?

Oat milk is rolled oats and water blended together then strained to leave the pulp behind. The result is creamy oat milk perfect for adding to cereal, granola, baked goods, and more.

How is this recipe different?

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