Tomato Rice Pilaf with Chickpeas

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September is still for Tomatoes

I always find it funny that in September, talk turns to fall and all the produce that comes with it. I too am ready for cooler weather but I’m not ready to give up tomatoes. I’ll still happily be cooking up a storm of summer produce until I can’t (because there’s plenty of time for sweet potatoes).

I do, however, find myself trending towards meals that could serve as a packed lunch or a beautiful, simple dinner. Plus, I was able to pick up dry-farmed local tomatoes for this recipe, taking the flavor over the top.

Salad being assembled in a kitchen

Lundberg Family Farms

I’m excited to partner with Lundberg Family Farms for this recipe. A couple years ago I had the opportunity to visit a rice harvest with Lundberg and it reinforced what I already knew: they are a good company that is committed to preserving the land for future generations all while making a wonderful product.

If you scroll back through all the recipes on the site with rice, you’ll notice I’m a bit obsessed with Lundberg Family Farms Organic Short Grain Brown Rice. This whole grain rice has the perfect soft texture with just a bit of stickiness, which is essential when making grain bowls and pilafs. Plus, knowing Lundberg Family Farms commitment to high quality rice makes this dish extra special.

Make this a Meal

I kept this light because I wanted to be able to move in a few different directions with it. This tomato pilaf, as is, is a delightful, easy dinner. The short grain brown rice helps cling to the tomatoes, the walnuts/herbs bring the dish together, and chickpeas bring the protein.

I love serving this pilaf with a side of roasted vegetables (depending on the time of the season it could be green beans or it could be roasted sweet potatoes). And, I’m usually serving this with a big salad.

Tomatoes tossed with rice, herbs, walnuts, and chickpeas

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