Bulgur Tomato Frittata with Feta

Close-up photograph of a frittata with cherry tomatoes, bulgur, and feta.

I realize that by mid-September, the feel of fall is in the air. The temperatures are dropping, the trees are just beginning to change, and we’ve had months of summer produce. And yet, here I am, sharing a tomato recipe. I actually find this time of year magical. It’s the time when summer and fall produce overlap. It’s also the time when I get to make recipes with summer produce that use a hot oven.

The Frittata

I stick fairly close to my original frittata recipe. I’ve found there are many ways and proportions to make a frittata but I love mine a bit more on the egg-heavy side (think just one big, open-faced omelette). Over the years I’ve changed my fat to use heavy cream versus whole milk. I find it really creates the perfect, smooth texture.

Also, if you have leftovers you can reheat the frittata in the oven or you can turn the frittata into a tasty grilled-cheese sandwich.

Summer or Fall Vegetables

As mentioned, I’m living my best late-summer life right now. However, as I’ve mentioned before in other frittata recipes, it’s one of the ultimate base-recipes. Frittatas can really support most seasonal produce. Ready to jump into fall? Try adding roasted or steamed squash, sweet potatoes, or greens.

I also love to top frittatas with salads. Try a simple arugula salad dressed with a vinaigrette. The arugula will slightly wilt on-top, creating the perfect cooked/fresh combination.

Grains (and GF swaps)

Similar to the produce, grains are interchangable. I usually use leftover grains from dinner or quick cooking grains like bulgur or quinoa. I will also say, I like grains to be a big part of this frittata. However, you could easily back-off and use only half of a cup. This way the grains are more of a partner and less of a star.

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