Sweet Potato Pear Pasta with Mascarpone

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I find seasonal food changes come in the form of pasta so this is no different. This pasta features half pasta and half roasted vegetables/fruit (yes, I said fruit). Add to that an easy ‘sauce’ of cheese and you’re ready to eat.

Sweet potatoes, it’s time

It seems fitting that the first fall recipe I’m sharing features sweet potatoes. It’s my jumping off point and once I start, it’s months full of sweet potatoes, squash, and root vegetables. This pasta is also great with roasted butternut squash (or really any slightly sweet hard winter squash). However, I snuck one extra thing in this pasta that you might not be expecting.

Straight-on image of bosc pears

California Pears

Since we’re still in the midst of California Pear season, I wanted to find a savory way to really enjoy pears and this pasta is it. I chose to use the Bosc variety for one purpose: texture. By adding the pears later in the roasting process, the pears brings texture to dish through a bit of crispness.

Mascarpone Cheese

I love mascarpone cheese but it feels really rich to me, so I only use it occasionally. This pasta dish is the perfect companion. The mascarpone essentially becomes the sauce and the richness of the cheese balances the earthiness from the potatoes and the sweetness from the pears. You could swap this out for nut cream if wanting to go vegan.

Serve it with

Finally, this pasta desires a solid green salad to balance the richness and not surprisingly, maybe a drizzle of chili oil for the pasta.

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