Vegetarian Chile Verde with Garbanzo Beans

Close-up photo of a white bowl filled with red rice and a green vegetarian chickpea chili on a wood background.

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Chile Verde is a stew that is traditionally from Northern Mexico that made its way north in many different variations. As with most traditional chile verde recipes, this stew is usually heavily meat-based featuring pork that is cooked until extremely tender. Some versions feature few tomatillos but I love the brightness they add with the peppers. Also, if you’re curious about using chile versus chili- Merriam Webster has an in depth article.

BUSH’S® Organic Garbanzo Beans

One of my favorite things is to make a traditional meat-based recipe and find a way to turn it into a vegetarian delight. This chile verde is the prime example. I’m using BUSH’S® Organic Garbanzo Beans in place of the pork. It’s a great to keep a good level of protein in this stew.

I like to add the beans towards the end of cooking to help keep texture, really making them the star of this dish. I also like to use BUSH’S® Beans because they are grown and canned in the United States.

Three white bowls filled with red rice and a green vegetarian chili with chickpeas along with two spoons and two glasses of water.

Spice it up

I went fairly mild with the heat of the peppers in this recipe. You can always add more poblanos or use different chili peppers such as anaheim or jalapeno. Play around to find your favorite combination of peppers.

Make it a meal

Finally, this stew can easily be an extremely filling meal. You can eat it as is but I love it served over rice and usually with a freshly made flour tortilla. I used organic red rice but any variety of rice would work.

A close-up photo of green chickpea chili topped with cilantro and pepitas.

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Side photograph of a green chili with chickpeas in a white bowl.continue reading

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