Roasted Brussels Sprouts with California Fig Compote and Pecans

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With holiday celebrations fast approaching, it’s always good to have delicious sides in your pocket. These Brussels Sprouts are a riff on my favorite maple-hazelnut Brussels. In this recipe, I use a fig compote (made with the help of California Dried Figs) and toasted pecans.

California Figs

I’m excited to team up with California Figs because figs are one commodity I didn’t grow up with in the Midwest. Since moving to California, however, I’ve fallen for this beautiful fruit. There’s nothing quite like fig season!

We also eat a lot of dried fruit and figs are a big part of that. California supplies 100% of the dried figs grown in the United States. One of the reasons I’m excited about this recipe: it showcases how wonderful dried figs are as a nice sweet boost!

California Figs just released a cookbook full of recipe inspiration for dried and fresh figs. There’s so many inventive ways to use figs that you’ll be cooking with them year round. You can purchase the book here.

Note about figs/being vegan

One note since I do a lot of information on vegan items. I’ve heard for years that figs are not vegan because each fig must be pollinated by a wasp that dies in the fruit. In California, 99% are self-pollinating (with the final variety being switched over).

Brussels Sprout Alternatives

I really love the earthy Brussels with the sweetness of the figs. However, roasted carrots, cabbage, or even sweet potatoes would work. If you go the sweet potato route, I’d recommend adding a pinch of crushed red pepper to help balance the sweet from the figs and sweet potatoes.

Make it vegan

It’s easy to keep this vegan, swap out the honey for maple syrup.

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