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Travel: Tucson Gem Show

I haven’t done a travel post in quite some time, but we’re going to change that trend starting now. I went to Tucson, Arizona last week – in part for the desert sunshine, and, in part for the Tucson Gem Show. It’s huge. And it’s not just one show, it’s actually a multi-week event that spans more than a dozen venues. The fact that I keep thinking about? Some of world’s largest tents are deployed. Think about that. People come from all over the world (and I mean allll over), to buy, sell, and exhibit every conceivable gem, rock, fossil, and mineral imaginable. I made a little video of my adventure, and will put some of the reference links and details inside the video description. XO to (the incredibly talented) Tura Sugden for being a great travel partner, and for the cameo appearance ;)…these double chocolate cookies also had a moment.

Also! Thank you to everyone who has sent nice notes about the videos. I figure if I make enough of them this year, I’ll get better at it. And playing around with the different formats is exciting (and crazy-making). If nothing else, maybe it will inspire some of you to play around and experiment with something new this year, even if you’re not so great at first.

A few of you have asked where to find a list of all my videos in one spot. I keep an up-to-date list on this You Tube page. If you subscribe on You Tube, you won’t miss any, but I’ll also continue to make sure they live here as well, and that any recipe videos are alongside their corresponding recipe. xx! -h

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Sweet Potato Polenta with Fried Eggs

Sweet Potato Polenta with Fried Eggs and Chili Oil | Naturally Ella

Some of my favorite dinners are ones that could easily be served for breakfast. In my mind, the act of putting an egg on something means it’s ready for breakfast. This sweet potato polenta is one of a couple recipes I’ll be sharing that uses sweet potato puree. It’s easy to make and can be a lovely base for other flavors. It also is a great baby/toddler food to always keep at the ready. Beyond the puree, you might be able to find chili oil but you can easily make it yourself.

Read more and see the recipe.

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Black Bean Tacos with Avocado

Black Bean Tacos with Avocado | @naturallyella

We have a dinner rhythm to most every week. Thursday nights are pizza night while Friday’s are often leftover vegetables tossed with pasta. Sometime earlier in the week is taco night. We make up guacamole and make homemade tacos or enchiladas. It may be one of my favorite dinner nights. These black bean tacos are an easy base when I need a quick dinner. These cooked black beans are a staple. I use them as I would refried beans, in everything from these tacos to black bean bowls. Just a few beans and spices- so quick and easy. Read more and see the recipe.

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Healthful Double Chocolate Cookies

A lot of people have baked these cookies over the past decade. People love them because they’re free of any added refined sugar, egg-free, no butter, and gluten-free. They’re studded with generously with chocolate, and they’re fantastic. The number one question related to them is how to make them nut-free – so kids can take them to school. I took a trip to Tucson last week (I’ll post the video soon :), and took the opportunity to remix the recipe. The originals are favorite travel snacks, and I was confident that experimenting with a chocolate version wouldn’t be a bad idea. The new version is double chocolate (chips and cacao), and made with crushed sunflower seeds, in place of almond meal. Enjoy! -h

Healthful Double Chocolate Cookies

Healthful Double Chocolate Cookies

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5-Ingredient White Chocolate Truffles

5-Ingredient White Chocolate Truffles

This recipe has been a long time coming because white chocolate can be quite difficult to make vegan.

But, with a little inventiveness and lots of testing, I cracked the code!

Friends, allow me to introduce your new BFF: Vegan White Chocolate Truffles!

Originally, I was testing this recipe with a base of cocoa butter, coconut cream, and cornstarch, but it turned out either like pudding or rock hard and crumbly.

5-Ingredient White Chocolate Truffles from Minimalist Baker →

12 Easy Vegan Valentine’s Day Desserts!

12 Easy Vegan Valentine’s Day Desserts!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! And that means it’s time to spoil your loved ones with the sweeter things in life (you know, like chocolate and cheesecake).

We’ve compiled our favorite EASY, decadent desserts to help you make the day extra delicious! Expect a mix of healthy, indulgent, and lots of chocolate.

Recipes in order of left to right, top to bottom: Easy Vegan Chocolate // 2-Ingredient Chocolate Truffles // 1-Bowl Vegan Chocolate Cake // Tahini Bombs // Best Vegan GF Chocolate Cupcakes // 2-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Truffles // Coconut No-Bake Cookies // Vegan/GF Whoopie Pies // Vegan /GF Black Bean Brownies // // 7-Ingredient Vegan Cheesecakes //  Chocolate Lava Cake  // Almond Butter Cup Bars

And there you have it! 

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