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Slow Cooker Black Bean Dip

Slow Cooker Black Bean Dip | @naturallyella

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I feel like when people think of bean dips, it’s easy to jump right to hummus. I always love a good hummus, and the occasional hot-cheesy hummus dip. However, I’ve found enjoyment in playing around with other beans for dips. My goal for holiday parties is to make food that feels indulgent but also has a side of healthy to it. This black bean dip is heavy on the beans with a bit of cheese mixed in. Then I load it up with avocado, onions, and serve it with hot sauce. For me it’s the perfect holiday appetizer to please a crowd. Best of all- everything is tossed in the Crock-Pot® slow cooker and left to cook until the beans are tender. Read more and see the recipe.

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2016 Hoilday Gift Guide!

2016 Hoilday Gift Guide!

Are you the gift giving type? We are admittedly quite terrible at it, which is why we don’t typically do gift guides on the blog. However, we get asked often enough that I thought it was worth sharing a few of our favorite cooking, food and blog-related things at the moment.

I also included a few of our products in case you didn’t know we have a print and digital cookbook, as well as a food photography course – which would make great gifts for the cooks + bloggers in your life.

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Brussels Sprout Pizza with Goat Cheese

Brussels Sprout Pizza with Goat Cheese | @naturallyella

I find it hard to believe that I went a solid chunk of my life avoiding Brussels sprouts. These little brassicas heads, when prepared well, are an absolute cold weather treat. For the most part, I roast the Brussels sprouts as it’s near impossible to cook them into mush or a horrible flavor. This Brussels sprout pizza is a favorite of mine on pizza night and one the whole family can agree on making. I like to include all those loose leaves that fall off as you cut the Brussels. They turn into crisp chips on the pizza, adding a fun texture to the overall recipe. Read more and see the recipe.

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Quick & Easy Crispy Tofu (25 minutes!)

Quick & Easy Crispy Tofu (25 minutes!)

If you follow my Instagram stories you likely already know I’ve been tinkering with my How To Make Tofu Taste Good recipe to make the process even faster (20-25 minutes!).

I thought it wasn’t possible to make crispy tofu without baking it for at least 30-40 minutes. But, I was wrong.

One night when I was super hungry and desperate for dinner fast, I tried this new-and-improved method and it worked so well I’ve since used this one exclusively!

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(Giant and Mini) Holiday Butternut Squash Lasagna Rolls with Spinach

Butternut Squash Lasagna Rolls | @naturallyella

Post in partnership with Disney’s The BFG, now available on Blu-ray, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere.

Feeding a toddler has made me more creative. I’m always looking for ways to miniaturize recipes so that he can join along with exactly what we’re eating. So, when Disney asked me to create a giant and mini version of a recipe in honor of the movie Disney’s The BFG, I felt like I’d been preparing for months. To give context, in the movie, Sophie befriends the Big Friendly Giant and their friendship is the backbone for the movie.

These butternut squash rolls are my take on a meal for Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant. For the mini versions, you can make these lasagna rolls in a large muffin tin, making serving the individual portions very easy and for the hungrier giants in your life, you can make this lasagna in a regular pan!
Read more and see the recipe.

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Coconut Curried Greens (30 minutes!)

Coconut Curried Greens (30 minutes!)

You know those dishes that are so insanely delicious you can’t help but go back for seconds and thirds, and you have to slap your own hand away for taking bites right off the serving plate?

Yeah, this is one of those dishes. Prepare yourselves for my latest curry obsession: 30-minute AMAZING Coconut Curried Greens!

This recipe is super simple, requiring just 1 pan, 30 minutes and 10 ingredients.

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