19 Veg-Friendly Party Snacks

When it comes to the holidays, I get most excited about the parties (and the food at them!) With a little inspiration, your holiday party can be rocking some wonderful veg-friendly snacks. While you can start with a solid cheese board and some olives, step your game up with the help of some dips, bites, and flatbreads.

Pecan Roasted Beet Dip with Sage | Naturally Ella


I love a good dip and it’s amazing what you can make with a few vegetables and some legumes. Puree cooked carrots or beets for a beautiful color. Toss in handfuls of fresh herbs. And when all else fails, go for a delicious cheese sauce (that could even be vegan!)

Avocado White Bean Dip
White Bean Carrot Dip
Pecan Beet Dip
Roasted Garlic White Bean Dip
Vegan Butternut Squash Queso (c/o The First Mess)

Berbere Roasted Pistachios with Lemon | Naturally Ella


I feel like everyone could use a few easy recipes to reach for when guests are coming over. For fun snacks, popcorn is one of my go-to items. It’s easy to whip up and the flavor combinations are endless. This also goes for nuts too. So many ways you can spin such simple ingredients.

Berbere Roasted Pistachios
Coconut Curry Popcorn
Honey Mustard Roasted Nuts
Adobo Popcorn
Bloody Mary Popcorn (c/o 101 Cookbooks)

Pumpkin Ricotta Crostini with Arugula | Naturally Ella


There’s nothing I’ve really run into that I don’t love on toast. During the cooler months, whipped vegetables and cheese are usually my go-to. Below is just a start and if you’re looking for something similar but non-bread based, I love how easy endives are!

Pumpkin Ricotta Crostini
Buttered Radish and Ricotta Toast
Sweet Potato Goat Cheese Crostini
Endives with Roasted Beet and Avocado
Cheese Crostini with Fig Jam (c/o Snixy Kitchen)

Fig Jam Flatbread with Roasted Garlic and Blue Cheese | Naturally Ella


Finally, for a little more work, you can whip up flatbreads. Make these recipes easier by using premade dough. Look for this dough in the freezer or cooler sections of your local grocery store.

Mediterranean Flatbread
Fig Jam Flatbread
Olive Pizza Flatbread
Broccolini Charred Lemon Flatbread (c/o Sprouted Kitchen)

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15 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

Hi friends – I suspect it is going to be a big baking weekend, so I thought it might be helpful to wrangle some of my favorite holiday-esque cookie recipes into one spot, in a single list. There is a pretty wide range – from gingerbread to shortbread to chocolate…I think my favorite are the Swedish Rye Cookies pictured above – you can stamp them into any shape you like, and if you can’t track down rye flour, go ahead and swap in whole wheat pastry flour. But, if those aren’t your speed, there are a bunch of other options I’ve enjoyed in the past. xo -h

15 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

Simple Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies – My go-to sugar cookie recipe. The dough is a dream to work with, and they love being decorated.

15 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

Sante’s Hermits – My friend Sante shared his hermit recipe with me. A simple drop-style, spice cookie loaded with tiny currants, chopped walnuts, and finished with a bit of icing.
15 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

Swedish Rye Cookies – Powder-kissed and pretty, these Swedish Rye cookies are perfect for holiday cookie enthusiasts who are after a not-too-sweet, shortbread-style butter cookie made from a Rye flour blend. (pictured above)
15 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

Triple Ginger Cookies – This ginger cookie recipe is made special with three kinds of ginger and a hint of lemon zest. Cracked and sugar-crusted on the outside, dense and moist within. (pictured above)

Itsy Bitsy Chocolate Chip Cookies – The perfect bite-sized chocolate chip cookie. Tiny, thin, golden, crisp, a bit nutty with plenty of shaved chocolate.

15 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

Sparkling Ginger Chip Cookies – I made these for Lottie & Doof’s 12 DAYS OF COOKIES years ago. They are tiny, bite-sized holiday cookies made with two kinds of ginger and lots of shaved chocolate. The turbinado sugar crust gives them a bit of crunch which is a nice contrast to the ooey-goey chocolate.

Limoncello Macaroons – A nice alternative to all of the peppermint and chocolate flavors this time of year. These are golden-crusted, powder-coated, almond-citrus gems spiked with limoncello liqueur.

Chocolate Puddle Cookies – I came across a cookie when I visited Portland, it was a crackle-edged puddle of chocolate with a texture that made me think of the collision between a soft meringue and a fudgy brownie. They are amazing. Downsize them a bit for a holiday cookie plate.

Biscotti al Pistaccio – Charming little bite-sized, powder-coated pistachio cookies inspired by a visit to Mona Talbott’s kitchen and the Rome Sustainable Food Project at the American Academy in Rome.

15 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

Gingerbread Cookies – A delicious, traditional tasting, yet healthier gingerbread cookie recipe that includes white whole wheat flour, more assertive spices, and less refined sweeteners. You wont miss the traditional version. They are very cute on popsicle sticks.

Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies – Super decadent. A rich chocolate dough punctuated by generous amount of chopped peppermint bark and mini chocolate chips.

15 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

Rosewater Shortbread – The prettiest shortbread you can imagine. Buttery whole wheat shortbreads fragrant with rosewater, flecked with toasted nuts, and dried rose petals. On the shortbread front, there are also these Pine Nut Rosemary Shortbreads, a twist on the shortbread recipe I included in Super Natural Cooking. Perfectly golden pine nuts and just enough rosemary and lemon zest infuse a buttery sweet dough with fragrance and flavor. I also posted a more traditional shortbread recipe years back – the recipe was the one made in the Hearst Castle kitchen. So much shortbread~! 😉

Peppermint Bark Chocolate Chip Cookies – A great peppermint bark cookie recipe using one of my favorite cookie doughs along with a generous amount of chopped peppermint bark.

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Roasted Stuffed Butternut Squash

Roasted Stuffed Butternut Squash

Are you into roasted squash? What about crispy quinoa, kale, and caramelized mushrooms?

If so, I have just the dish for you! In addition to our new go-to Vegan Lentil Nut “Meatloaf,” I wanted to share another main dish for the holidays (and beyond). Plus, the ingredients happen to be some of my favorites this time of year, so it was just meant to be. Let me show you how easy it is!

Roasted Stuffed Butternut Squash from Minimalist Baker →

Cornmeal Pancakes with Cinnamon Persimmons

Post sponsored by Frontier Co-op. See below for more details.

One of my first jobs cooking was in the kitchen at a local country club. The chef quit and they needed someone to sling breakfast for the golfers. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I jumped in. It was quite the experience that taught me many things but I also realized how much I love cooking on a griddle, especially with pancakes.

So, when my new oven came with a griddle top, I knew pancakes were going to become more prominent in my breakfast repertoire. While my base for the pancakes doesn’t change much, the toppings are constantly new. These whole wheat pancakes showcase one of my fall favorites: persimmons with a bit of cinnamon.

Whole Wheat Flour

I’ve chatted a bit about different varieties of whole wheat flour before but I always feel like it’s worth revisiting. My go-to wheat flour for pancakes is almost always whole wheat pastry flour. Using pastry flour keeps the texture of the pancake lighter than a more traditional hard wheat flour would be.

In addition to pastry flour, I’ve also found I love using Einkorn flour as a 1:1 substitute for the pastry flour. Einkorn is such a warm, light flour. Of course, you can always swap in all purpose or your favorite gluten-free mix!

Frontier Co-op Vietnamese Cinnamon

Frontier Co-op has a few different varieties of cinnamon that range from the slightly sweet, like this Vietnamese cinnamon to Korintje cinnamon, which is a bit on the spicier side. Each cinnamon has root in different cuisines and I’ve started to use different varieties for different uses. A far cry from the three year-old cinnamon I’d often find pushed back in my cupboard.

Cinnamon Persimmons

I realize I’m pushing towards the end of persimmon season since we’re officially in hoshigaki time. However, if you can land your hands on fresh, persimmons make for such a lovely pancake topping.

Of course, you can always swap them out for another firm, cooler-weather fruit such as apples or pears.


Finally, the walnuts are optional but I’m a texture person who almost always needs a little crunch. Toasted pecans would work well as a substitution or go with sunflower seeds for a non-nut crunch.

[tasty-recipe id=”37396″]

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Super Tasty, Toasted Almond Sable Cookies

When I go to flea markets or stop by a neighborhood garage sale, I always find myself rummaging through weathered cardboard boxes looking for cookie cutters. Vintage ones, distinctive ones. You might imagine I have drawers full of them, but that’s not actually true. I have two small shoe-box sized containers of cookie cutters. That’s it. It doesn’t actually feel like a lot to some who loves to roll and stamp cookies as much as I do, but the good ones are hard to come by. Beyond shape, I have a fondness for metal cutters with sharp edges, and good structure. Shapes that can cut cleanly through a currant or dried cranberry if need be. Today, I thought I’d show you a few of my scores, and share a favorite cookie-cutter friendly recipe as well.

Toasted Almond Sable Recipe

So, I love my Swedish heart cookie cutter. It’s roughly the size of my palm and is perfectly symmetric. Here’s the thing. Hearts are a popular shape for cookie cutters, yet each heart is an individual. Some plunge deep, some curve shallow and soft, some are wide and squat, some are tall and elongated…each one says something different with its shape. There are friendly hearts, serious hearts, sophisticated hearts. It’s a personal preference, but I tend to like the hearts that are just about as wide as they are tall. Symmetrical, direct, with clean lines.

Toasted Almond Sable Recipe

Then there are the wild card cookie cutters that I can’t pass up. Like this farmhouse collection. The shapes get a bit mushy over the years, but the primitive lines are charming and the patina on the cutters beautiful. The pig has apparently escaped – note to self to find him.

Toasted Almond Sable Recipe

I’ve been making tiny shortbread in the shapes of small hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs since I was a kid, and tend to prefer tiny cutters for butter-rich cookies. They’re the type of cookies where a couple make the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon coffee or tea. Today’s cookies qualify, and I picked the teardrop shape.

These toasted almond sable cookies are a take-off on Alice Medrich’s charming Whole Wheat Sables, published in her book Pure Dessert a few years back. I love them, and make them a number of different ways depending on what I have on hand. This variation is hard to beat – toasty, nutty, peppered with dried currants. They’re made with whole wheat and all-purpose flours, sliced almonds, and the best butter you can come by. That said, I made another variation with June Taylor’s candied citrus peels for the Little Flower School class a couple weeks back – swapping finely chopped peel for the currants you’ll see in the recipe below. The peel left lovely little slashes of color throughout the cookies, and bursts of citrus flavor. I really loved those too.

Super Tasty, Toasted Almond Sable Cookies

Toasted Almond Sable Recipe

For those of you who’ve made it this far. I made a note to myself for next time. I’m excited to try this recipe using Dorie’s trick of using cultured butter – for a hint of tang. It might be the thing to put these right over the top.

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Vegan Garlic Mashed Cauliflower

Vegan Garlic Mashed Cauliflower

Oh, cauliflower – what can’t you do?

You roast to perfection.
You make spicy ‘wings‘.
You can be roasted whole.
You’re delicious in Banh Mi.
You make tacos better (somehow).

Seriously, I think I’m in love.

This 6-ingredient, 30-minute recipe is bound to wow your guests this holiday season (and beyond). Cauliflower mocks mashed potatoes beautifully, and it all starts by steaming your cauliflower until tender.

Vegan Garlic Mashed Cauliflower from Minimalist Baker →

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks (30+ ideas)

Happy holidays all! What you see here is a holiday gift guide for cooks and culinary enthusiasts. I get asked for ideas every year, and know it can be tricky to find a thoughtful gift for the chef (or serious home cook) in your life. So(!) here’s my gift guide – one that primarily highlights small producers, and products I genuinely use and love. And, if you don’t spot something here, I also posted a round up of 15 Great Culinary Gift Guides yesterday.

St. Agrestis Amaro & Townshend’s Kashmiri Amaro
An after-dinner sip of amaro always hits the spot. And, part of the fun is tasting all the different ones available. These are two recent favorites in gift worthy bottles. The Townshend is chai-spiced, which, honestly, I thought might be a miss. Instead it is surprising, balanced, and feisty – in the best way possible.Holiday Gift Guide for CooksJacob May Cutting Boards
Jacob May end grain kitchen boards are contemporary classics. Heirloom quality, they get better each year. I’ve had mine for five or six years now (!?) and love it more each time I reach for it. The recipient of one of these should be extra, extra special ;)…

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Donabe & Japanese pantry
I love cooking in clay pots, and despite a real effort to scale back, have growing collection of them. Toiro Kitchen is my favorite source for donabe, Japanese clay pots. The Kamado-san double-lid rice cooker is my favorite, but I also love the Ibushi Gin donabe smoker. Beyond donabe, everything in Naoko’s Torio Kitchen is gift-worthy, and a selection of the pantry items would make a great basket. If you can visit the Los Angeles store do it. You’ll find a helpful staff to explain their incredible selection of donabe, pantry items, and Japanese tableware.Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

All things Herriott Grace

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Vitamix 7500 in white
I bought one of these years ago, and my pureed soups, smoothies, and nut milks have never been silkier. It is really is that good. In the years since, I’ve also experimented with other blenders, as well as the little Magic Bullet – and, at a much, much lower price point. Nothing I’ve tried comes close to this big guy. You know those commercials where someone gets a car with a bow in the driveway? That’s the realm we’re in. The Mercedes of blenders.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pure Stainless Steel Can Opener
A can opener for a gift? This is the smoothest can opener I know, it quickly opens cans with precision every single time. Wayne and I sometimes fight over who “gets” to open the can. 

Iris Hantverk brushes
Here’s the entire Iris Hantverk kitchen line of brushes. They are beautiful, utilitarian, and a simple pleasure to use.Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Weck jars plus wood lids
A set of Weck jars is a great gift. They stack nicely, and help turn chaos into calm. All my favorite dried beans and pulses go straight into them. I also use them constantly in my refrigerator (below), in the quest to minimize plastic, and single use containers.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks
Levo oil
I put this on my personal wish list. It just seems like it would be a blast to experiment with. I like to think that I’m not one for gadgets, wifi-connected devices and single-use appliances, but this is the sort of thing I can’t resist. For the right person who likes to experiment in the kitchen, this is going to perfect. Lots of cool ideas, ratios, recipes on their site if you poke around.Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Moccamaster in white
We’re currently an espresso (and lots of tea) household, but friends have told me this is a great combination of style and functionality.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Jenni Kayne Tableware
Jenni Kayne always has a great selection of bowls and tableware (the wood bowls!). They’re the sort of kitchen items that get better and better the more you use them.

 Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Wonder Valley Olio Nuevo
I’ve been working my way through a bottle of the Wonder Valley Olio Nuevo (Thanks Chanda!). Made with olives harvested in October 2018, this is the fresh, bright stuff. Limited to 600 bottles. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Diaspora Co. Turmeric
Sana’s Diaspora Co. sources turmeric from Andhra Pradesh, India. It is some of the best you can buy.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Coffee Manufactory Holiday Bundle
Not sure if you knew, but our friends at Tartine and Tartine Manufactory have a coffee venture. And like everything they set their sights on, it’s spot-on. Check out this holiday gift bundle.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Breakaway Matcha
Eric Gower’s Breakaway Matcha is one of the best sources of matcha tea in the United States. A great gift and introduction to the different grades of matcha is this matcha flight.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Lord Windsor Coffee
A local fav in Long Beach – a few bags of the Costa Rica blend or No Stresso Espresso in this colorful packaging brighten a friend’s morning ritual. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Canyon Coffee
Ally and Casey’s Canyon Coffee never disappoints – I like the Colombian blend, but they also offer gift packages. If you’re on the West coast, keep an eye out for them at a bunch of holiday markets, where you can have a cup in person.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

For the adaptogen enthusiast: The O’CLOCKS – More about them here. And the collection as trio here.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

For cooking Inspiration on Cozy Winter Nights – Strudel, Noodles and Dumplings: The New Taste of German Cooking

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Ila Black Lava Salt
The perfect finishing element for anything from salads and spreads, to cookies or homemade crackers – we love the Ila black lava salt. Bonus points for the beautiful, weighty, black on black packaging.  

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Song Tea White Dragonwell
Peter Luong carefully sources tea from China and ships it back to the states with temperature control, so you get the freshest, most subtle flavors. I love the white teas in particular, and the description of this one with notes of chrysanthemum, rice milk, and marshmallow caught my attention.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Leaves & Flowers Turmeric Wellness Tea
This is the herbal tea blend I drink the all the time, select the glass jar for gift-worthy packaging. I really enjoy all the L&F blends, and you can’t go wrong with their seed tea, hibiscus blend, or peace tea (these are all the ones I buy most often) – I guess what I’m saying is, don’t be afraid to experiment, because it’s hard to go wrong here.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Sarah Kersten Ceramics

You’ve no doubt seen Sarah’s classic fermentation crock, but her ramen and salad bowls deserve to be in daily rotation.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Malinda Reich

Malinda’s pieces are all one-of-a-kind ceramics made in small kiln firings in San Francisco. We enjoy having them on the table and sprinkled throughout favorite corners of the house. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Nappalachia Cookies

For your favorite cookie lover. My pal Natalie kindly sent me a box of these as a house-warming present when we were moving into our new place. And, while all of these cookies are super A+, I promptly fell in love with the GF Chocolate Chocolate Peanut Butters. I mean, each cookie goes into the oven weighing nearly 1/2 lb. Laugh/cry.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Luvhaus Ametrine
Sean has recently introduced bold glazes which pop on any table. I love this one called ametrine. For the bold table scape.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Colleen Hennessey Ceramics

I’m never very far from a Colleen Hennessey bowl in my kitchen. They mix and match beautifully, can go oven to table, and are resilient (if you tend to be tough on bowls and plates).

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Earthen Ceramics
Julia opened a fantastic shop in San Francisco’s Lower Haight neighborhood this year. But if you can’t visit in person, her site has a good selection of her work.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Julie Cloutier
Julie Cloutier’s bowls and cups, (and her signature style) are a score for the minimalist cook in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks
Happy happy holidays! And, I hope this has helped your gift buying process a bit :)! -h

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15 Great Culinary Gift Guides

If you’re shopping for the perfect gift for the cook in your life, I’m hoping this will be a helpful jumping off point. I was working on a 101 Cookbooks holiday gift guide (which I plan to post tomorrow!), and noticed there are a lot of really great culinary-focused gift guides already out there. So I wrangled my favorites into this list. Hope you find something special for the cook in your life. -h

GOOP Cook’s Gift Guide: The compact, over-the-shoulder, Portable Table Barbecue caught my attention. Also lots of ideas in the GOOP Wellness Junkie’s Gift Guide.

– Not a gift guide perse, but CAP Beauty alway has lots of great products for your favorite cook, food, or wellness enthusiast. Start here, For The Foodie. Poke around The CAP Grocery. Or, jump into The Honey Pot.

15 Great Culinary Gift Guides

– FOOD52 has a good number of A+ holiday gift lists. They’ve set up a page indexing them named The Great Gift List. Be sure to poke around Amanda & Merrill’s Co-founder’s Gift Picks, as well as The Big Wows.

– Serious Eats also has a range of culinary focused holiday guides. Love this one (The Bookworm) focused on the culinary bookworm in your life – lots of great cookbook classics in this list. There is also a holiday guide focused on The Beginner Cook and one for The Baker in your life. Links to all their other holiday gift guides are listed at the bottom of each page as well.

– The Strategist published a list of The Best 35 Gifts (That You Can Buy on Amazon) for Every Type of Home Cook. And there are a number of extra cool items here. Notably the red version of the awesome yellow Dansk Pot you see in a few of the episodes of Samin’s Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat series. Also intrigued by the mega-bento.

– Huffington Post: I like the scope of this round-up of Homemade Holiday Gifts. Even if you don’t use the recipes linked to in the article, this list is full of cobweb-clearing ideas to use as an initial brainstorm and to get the holiday ideas flowing.15 Great Culinary Gift Guides
– Wholefully: Cassie shares a really great spectrum of Homemade Soup Mixes in a Jar. And do you see the cute gift tags? You can download the template for those as well. If you want to keep your soup mixes veg, simply swap in veg bullion for the chicken bouillon called for.

– And one more, last-minute, addition to this list from The Strategist – The Best Gifts for Chefs, According to 24 Chefs and Restaurant Owners. If you have a serious home cook on your hands, one that is particularly tough to shop for, browse this list. It tipped me off items like a Microplane spice grinder (adding to my own wish list!), and Thai fruit carving tools.

Gift Wrapping Inspiration

15 Great Culinary Gift Guides

– Check out this post on Remodelista (from a few years back) for DIY: Holiday Gift Wrap ideas. Or take a master wrapping class in holiday wrapping with Claudia Schwartz (pictured above) or Matt Dick – two of my very favorite people and both masters of the presentation of the gift.

15 Great Culinary Gift Guides

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4-Ingredient Easy Vegan Brownies

4-Ingredient Easy Vegan Brownies

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to make a brownie that is so easy that it can be made quickly, with minimal equipment, and with ingredients I always have on hand. I imagined the texture and flavor I wanted and worked backward from there. And friends, I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results! Let’s make ooey-gooey vegan brownies!

The base of this 4-ingredient, 30-minute, 1-bowl recipe is dates, which create the fudgy texture, naturally sweeten the brownies, and bind the batter as well.

4-Ingredient Easy Vegan Brownies from Minimalist Baker →

Beet Veggie Burger Stuffed Pita with Whipped Feta

Close-up, overhead shot of pita stuffed with beet burgers, arugula, and whipped feta

During the busy holiday months, I’m always looking for extra quick ways to eat well. It always feels like lunch is my weak area. It’s easy to ditch cooking and head out with friends. But, I feel it when I do.

And so, I like to have a few lunches that feel a bit extra but take very little work. This is one of the reasons I love working with Dr. Praeger’s. I know I can keep a few veg burgers on hand for quick and filling lunches or dinners.

Greens: Arugula, Spinach, or Lettuce

I love the flavor arugula adds to any sandwich or burger. The baby arugula you find in most stores in mild, with just a hint of pepperiness. This is the version I prefer with this stuffed pita. However, you can also use the spicier arugula you might find at the farmers market.

If arugula isn’t your thing, swap it for baby spinach. You could also use lettuce (like a nice leaf of butter lettuce!)

Dr. Praeger’s Sweet Heat Beet Burgers

I like keeping a few premade items on hand. In an ideal world I’d make everything from scratch but the truth is, I’m not there in my life. And so, I turn to companies I know use minimal but solid ingredients.

These Sweet Heat Beet Veggie Burgers from Dr. Praeger’s are new and now one of my favorite options. They have a good flavor, six types of veggies, and have 19g of protein in one patty. Plus, they are vegan and gluten-free.


Obviously, using feta is a no-go if you want to make this vegan. However, since the burgers are vegan, I want to give you an alternative. You could use a vegan feta but frankly, it’s more work than it’s worth. I’d recommend going with a nice layer of hummus instead!

Ditch the Bread, Make a Salad

Finally, if you want to ditch the pita: turn this into a salad. Cooking up a veg burger as salad topping is one of my favorite things to do. It’s an easy way to make a filling salad without reaching for a ton of ingredients.

Overhead shot of pita stuffed with beet burgers, arugula, and whipped feta

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