Cauliflower Fritters with Herb-Sunflower Spread

Close-up image of pan-fried cauliflower fritters in a larger white bowl.

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Maybe on day I’ll stop sharing fritter recipes but probably not considering we eat them almost every week. This fall version features cauliflower, rolled oats, and a lovely sunflower cream sauce.

Fritters for every season

I love having fritter recipes for every season and almost every vegetable. There’s something very satisfying about a crisp patty, anytime of the year. These cauliflower ones are a bit on the wetter side, so be patient when you’re cooking. They need to set/be golden all the way before you try and flip.

Image of a large white bowl on a grey background with cauliflower fritters, herb spread.

Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Oats

When it comes to fritters, I usually alternative between breadcrumbs, flour, or oatmeal as a the bulk/binder help. I love using the oats though because it means these patties are gluten-free. I also always have Bob’s Red Mill Rolled oats on hand because of the amount of oatmeal and granola we eat in the house.

Sunflower Cream

Of course, no fritter would be complete without a spread of some kind. While I usually go with hummus, I thought I’d share another one of my favorite options (that works well for this recipe and for a myriad of other recipes). This sunflower cream is delightful.

One caveat: the sunflower seeds do have a stronger flavor compared to cashews. I actually love it in this recipe with the cauliflower and herbs. You could, however, switch to cashews if you happened to have them on hand.

Serve this with:

Finally, I kept these simple by topping with a few microgreens but the fritters would also be delicious with a full salad or roasted vegetables on the side. I’ve also been known to serve with a side of marinated beans as well.

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1-Pot Chickpea Tomato Peanut Stew (West African-Inspired)

1-Pot Chickpea Tomato Peanut Stew (West African-Inspired)

Fall is upon us (at least in our part of the world), and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

To us, fall represents transition, new beginnings, and change, and it often puts us in an introspective state. Can you relate?

What better way to celebrate the season’s change than with a cozy bowl of stew? Let us show you how.

What is African Peanut Stew?

1-Pot Chickpea Tomato Peanut Stew (West African-Inspired) from Minimalist Baker →

Chickpea & Rice Soup with Garlic Chile Oil

Let this be your cozy bowl of goodness for the season. You’re looking at a chunky rice soup, studded with lots of chickpeas, flecked with kale, and drizzled with a vibrant garlic-chile oil. It has peanuts, and a dusting of turmeric. I made it for lunch, and decided at the last minute to pop off a few shots so I could share the recipe here. The whole thing is deeply satisfying and perfect as the weather cools off.
Chickpea & Rice Soup with Garlic Chile Oil

Rice Soup: The Ratios

You can play around with the type of rice (or rices) you use here. Because I was craving something light and extra-creamy for today’s soup, I went with 100% Arborio rice. Often, I like to take more of a whole grain approach, and have a go-to ratio. I like 2 parts brown rice to 1 part white rice. So, for example, 1 cup brown jasmine rice, and 1/2 cup white jasmine rice. I use that ratio in this favorite Turmeric Congee and this Life-Changing Green Rice Porridge. So, yeah! Play around.

Chickpea & Rice Soup with Garlic Chile Oil

Chunky, Peanuty Garlic Chile Oil

It’s the magic. This powerful, fragrant chile oil is good on just about anything, and (yes!) you can absolutely make it ahead of time. You’ll likely have extra, so here are a few ideas. It is good drizzled on this Cauliflower Soup, this Asparagus Soup, and as an alternate finishing scenario for this Split Pea Soup. It’s a nice finishing oil on open faced sandwiches, like this lentil version.

Seasonal Variations

I loaded up on the chopped kale in this version. It’s an easy way to work a good amount of greens into a meal. That said, you can absolutely play around with whatever is in season. Late summer? Oven roasted cherry tomatoes would be beautiful on top, and explosively flavorful. Or, put a dent in summer squash by topping the soup with this Simple Sautéed Zucchini. Early autumn? Roasted delicata squash is always a favorite.

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Spicy White Bean Stew with Arugula

Close-up image of white beans in a tomato broth with arugula and feta on top.

When the weather changes, I start to really crave a big pot of beans. It’s really the most comforting thing I can think of (as long as there’s a bit of crusty bread).

Pot of beans or stew?

In this recipe, I’m toeing the line on whether or not this is just a pot of beans or a simple fall bean stew. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter because it’s delicious either way! If you wanted to bulk this up a bit more, you could add vegetables (sweet potato, squash) and/or greens (kale, chard).

White Beans + alternatives

Originally I wanted to use larger white beans to really make the beans known but what I realized it’s much nicer with the smaller beans. You could use any of the different white beans- it’s really up to you.

Also, if you wanted to speed this up, you could use canned beans. Simply drain the beans and add to a pot with enough broth to cover then heat the beans as the recipe states.

Light image with a bowl of tomato bean stew with arugula on top on a white background.

The Chili Paste

When it comes to the chili paste, I always have a jar of sambal oelek and garlic-chili paste on hand. As I mention in the notes section of the recipe, you can use whatever your favorite chili paste is- just know the heat level so you don’t make this meal too spicy! A bit of harissa paste could work.

Also, in a pinch, you could use crushed red pepper. Toast it in the ghee right before you add the spices and tomato paste. Start with 1 teaspoon and go from there. If you don’t like spice at all, swap the chili paste for a couple teaspoons smoked paprika.

What to serve it with

One of the reasons I like keeping this straight forward is it leaves room for some side dishes. You could serve up stew with a side of roasted sweet potatoes, twice-baked squash, or some simple garlicky greens.

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Peanut Butter Banana Chickpea Shake (5 Ingredients!)

Peanut Butter Banana Chickpea Shake (5 Ingredients!)

Behold: the coolest new shake on the block, made with wholesome ingredients like bananas, dates, peanut butter, almond milk, cacao powder, and chickpeas. YES, chickpeas!

Let’s do this!

This shake is easy to make, requiring just 5 minutes, 1 blender, and 5 ingredients. (Cacao is optional, but recommended for chocolate lovers!)

Why Chickpeas?

Peanut Butter Banana Chickpea Shake (5 Ingredients!) from Minimalist Baker →

Sweet Potato Pear Pasta with Mascarpone

This post is in partnership with California Pear.

I find seasonal food changes come in the form of pasta so this is no different. This pasta features half pasta and half roasted vegetables/fruit (yes, I said fruit). Add to that an easy ‘sauce’ of cheese and you’re ready to eat.

Sweet potatoes, it’s time

It seems fitting that the first fall recipe I’m sharing features sweet potatoes. It’s my jumping off point and once I start, it’s months full of sweet potatoes, squash, and root vegetables. This pasta is also great with roasted butternut squash (or really any slightly sweet hard winter squash). However, I snuck one extra thing in this pasta that you might not be expecting.

Straight-on image of bosc pears

California Pears

Since we’re still in the midst of California Pear season, I wanted to find a savory way to really enjoy pears and this pasta is it. I chose to use the Bosc variety for one purpose: texture. By adding the pears later in the roasting process, the pears brings texture to dish through a bit of crispness.

Mascarpone Cheese

I love mascarpone cheese but it feels really rich to me, so I only use it occasionally. This pasta dish is the perfect companion. The mascarpone essentially becomes the sauce and the richness of the cheese balances the earthiness from the potatoes and the sweetness from the pears. You could swap this out for nut cream if wanting to go vegan.

Serve it with

Finally, this pasta desires a solid green salad to balance the richness and not surprisingly, maybe a drizzle of chili oil for the pasta.

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What I Feed my Child (with Recipe Ideas)

I, not surprisingly, end up in conversations about food and kids. What will the child eat, what will they not eat, how do they experience new things. It’s such a heavy thing for parents because we want to do right by our child but it’s not easy (especially as they develop their own palate).

For example, my son proclaimed that sweet potatoes taste like garbage (his exact words) and that the pasta I made last night tasted rotten. I’ve learned to accept this and work with what he does like, which luckily is quite a bit.

I will also say, I never try to hide vegetables. He knows what we’re eating and understands the raw/cooked forms. The only time I hide vegetables is when I’m trying to sneak winter squash past my husband. We try and keep excited. Vegetables are always a part of our meals.

One of the things I felt best suited us is that he eats what we eat and I require that he at least try it. If he takes a bite and chews it, I know he liked it (contrary to his words). If he wants to spit it out, I know he really didn’t like it. Over the years, I’ve found a few general recipes that I know will almost always be a hit (with really any kind of vegetable). I live by the idea that it doesn’t pay to push and that persistence helps.

I will also say, if you’re really looking into the world of feeding tiny humans, Sara from The Sprouted Kitchen is wonderful and has a few posts on this that can be found in her recipe section under ‘feeding babies.’ Pop over there and check that out as well.


I love this medium. There’s cheese, there’s an easy way to add protein (beans), and the vegetable variations are endless. I’m stuffing the enchiladas with greens and roasted vegetables while the quesadillas are the perfect for finely diced vegetables and beans.


Spinach Quinoa Cakes with Garlicky Yogurt | Naturally Ella


Handheld food! What child can resist something they can eat with their fingers with messy dip? Best of all, fritters are an easy win for everyone in the family and I’ve found ways to make them year-round. We usually use hummus or yogurt sauce as a dip and combine it with a salad (or sliced vegetables for my son). Also, leftovers pack great the next day for lunch!


Bulgur Vegetarian Chili


This one surprised me a bit but my son loves soup, especially tomato soup and chili. With the weather turning a bit cooler, I’m excited for weekly soup dinners. I keep the soups kind of mild but still add in spices where I can (this lentil stew is a surprising hit but it helps he gets excited about cinnamon!) Get a bit of crusty bread and you’re good to go!


Spicy Peanut Sauce with Brown Rice Noodles and Veg | @naturallyella


It’s probably no surprise that pasta can be an easy win. I go heavy on the vegetables and always pair the pasta with salad. I like to mix up the sauces and occasionally I’ll add a handful of chickpeas to the dish, just to help bulk up on protein.



The surprising one: risottos are like creamy pasta (at least that’s what I tell my son). Similar to pasta, a risotto is a great way to eat whole grains and tons of vegetables. Play around with cheese or take it vegan with the help of sunflower cream.


Halloumi Burrito Bowl with Roasted Potatoes | Naturally Ella


Finally, there’s always fried cheese. An easy way to please the whole family, halloumi is eaten quite a bite in our home. There’s tacos, there’s skewers, there’s burrito bowls- how can you not love it?


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Easy Marinated Grilled Chicken (30 Minutes!)

Easy Marinated Grilled Chicken (30 Minutes!)

This chicken recipe has quickly become a go-to for weeknight grilling. Why? Because:

  • It’s easy.
  • It’s fast (start to finish in 30 minutes!).
  • You likely have the ingredients on hand right now (~10 ingredients give or take a spice).
  • You don’t need a grill! (It’s just as delicious baked or cooked on the stovetop on a grill pan or in a cast iron skillet.)
  • The seasoning technique can be applied to fish, other meats, cauliflower steaks, and even tofu and tempeh.

Easy Marinated Grilled Chicken (30 Minutes!) from Minimalist Baker →

Zucchini Lentil Fritters with Spread and Extra Veg

Zucchini Lentil Fritters with Spread and Extra Veg

I have another recipe that started as an instagram-only recipe but rightfully deserved a place on the site. Lentils are a staple in my kitchen and one ingredient that people always want more inspiration for (because you can only eat so much lentil soup!)

Zucchini and other alternatives

Obviously I realize zucchini season is coming to an end but if you’re like me, there’s still a bit of summer produce hanging on. These fritters work perfectly with raw zucchini. However, I think you could do a similar concept with shredded winter squash or root vegetables.

The spread

Really this dish comes together because of the spread- I’d highly recommend not skipping it. I usually turn to hummus for this job but really any kind of spread would work. Think romesco, pureed vegetables, or whipped feta or goat cheese.

Vegetable Salads, for topping

The final part of this bowl is the fresh topping. During summer this is easy: tomatoes, cucumber, loads of fresh herbs; it’s hard to go wrong. During the cooler months I like to do a salad with hearty greens or even a pile of roasted vegetables.

A note about vegan

I did not try this but I think you could totally turn this into an easy vegan meal. Use your favorite egg replacer (think flax-egg) then serve over a vegan spread and top with more fresh vegetables. It’s hard to go wrong!

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