Fig Jam Flatbread with Roasted Garlic

Fig Jam Flatbread with Roasted Garlic and Blue Cheese | Naturally Ella

One of the reasons I like eating out is to explore ideas I would have never thought to make myself. I think this has been one of the exciting things about living in Sacramento- there are a ton of good restaurants. On one of our outings, we stumbled upon a pizza joint that was a bit surprising in taste (as the decor didn’t quite match). My husband and I both ordered this fig pizza with cheese (and prosciutto for him). It was amazing.

Ever since then, I’ll occasionally recreate it in flatbread form for a light dinner. It’s a sweeter pizza but I find the blue cheese really helps to balance it out. Look for fig jam near the specialty cheese section of a store. We also like to use fig jam on nut butter sandwiches! Read more and see the recipe.

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Q&A Minisode: Should I Take a Multivitamin?

To supplement or not to supplement…that is the question here and a really good one. With supplements being on the rise, it can be super confusing to figure out whether supplementing is right for you. It’s even more confusing figuring out what supplements you should take. Generally speaking, we always recommend getting nutrients from whole […]

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All-The-Tomatoes & Pasta Salad

Tomato season is officially on from where I stand. Using a mother lode of assorted cherry, zebra, and heirloom tomatoes, I made this quick, summer-tastic pasta salad for a picnic the other day. Whole-grain pasta, baby kale, basil, and the best tomatoes you can get your hands on get a generous drizzle of strong harissa dressing (garlic, harissa, nutritional yeast, etc.). This is exactly what you want to be making during peak tomato season, and you can whip up the dressing and slice the tomatoes as your pasta cooks. Beyond that, everything comes together in a flash. I’ve added some alternate suggestions below as well, building on the general concept. Enjoy!

All-The-Tomatoes Pasta Salad Recipe

All-The-Tomatoes Pasta Salad Recipe

A couple notes – I’ve suggested some additional toppings in the recipe below. I was disappointed that I didn’t have any black lentils cooked and on-hand, because I would have added those for the added substance and nutrition boost. Olives were a great addition, and I enjoyed leftovers with a bit of slivered makrut lime leaves tossed in (so good!). Whole toasted almonds – yes for the crunch, and everything else that makes almonds delicious. Added a bit of pretty with some dried herb flowers. You don’t really need any of these, the whole thing is good without (especially if your tomatoes are on point), I guess what I’m encouraging is a bit of latitude when it comes to add-ins and flare. You could even make a nice, clear, garlic broth, and pour it over a bowl of leftovers for a beautiful soup.

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Multigrain Dutch Baby with Fresh Peaches

Multigrain Dutch Baby with Fresh Peaches | Naturally Ella

I find during the summer months, my summer mornings tend to be slow. I sleep in when I can, I drink an extra bit of coffee, and more often than not, I’m still lounging past 9am. These days call for a perfect weekend breakfast and this multigrain dutch baby is frequently on our table. I love the slight different flavors from each flour- all of which serve as a perfect base for ripe summer produce. This combination of flour (rye, spelt, and wheat) is a favorite of mine but I’m often mixing in whatever I might have on hand. I love adding a bit of oat flour, barley flour, and einkorn flour. Read more and see the recipe.

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Romesco Sauce | Component Cooking

Romesco Sauce | Component Cooking | Naturally Ella

Of all the components I’ve shared so far, this romesco sauce recipe is my favorite. It’s an easy sauce/spread that’s made from a few simple ingredients, primarily roasted red peppers. If it’s summer, I recommend making your own roasted red peppers but during the cooler months, jarred roasted red peppers sustain me. Romesco’s smokey flavor is wonderful on sandwiches, with eggs, and especially with roasted vegetables. Make a batch on the weekend and use throughout the week- you won’t regret it. Read more and see the recipe.

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Golden Beet Hummus

This week I felt like I needed to step up my snack game. You know, do a better job of having easy, good-for-me things to grab between meals. Hummus is an obvious go-to, but I thought I’d take a swipe at making a version that is on the lighter side. Hummus often has a lot of tahini and added oil, and I wanted to see how I could rein it all in a bit and really amp it nutritionally as well. Billowy and smooth, this is a boosted hummus for everyday, all-day 😉 enjoyment. Meaning, it’s delicious without being overly indulgent, and it incorporates a number of favorite all-star ingredients – golden beets, turmeric, and legumes. Enjoy! -h

Golden Beet Hummus Recipe

Golden Beet Hummus Recipe

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Zucchini Sweet Corn Hash Egg Skillet

Zucchini Sweet Corn Hash Egg Skillet | Naturally Ella

I like to think that during the summer season, I am more creative with my cooking. All the ripe produce is beautiful and there’s so much to choose at the markets. Truth is, I’m actually a tad bit lazier. I find myself making meals with all the odds and ends. Those meals are also usually simple at best. It’s easy to make a delicious meal, hardly any effort required.

This egg skillet has been a favorite of mine through the years. Zucchini and sweet corn is a true summer staple and I’ve found it’s hard to go wrong with this simple combination. This skillet is straight forward but it’s really made with a heavy hand of homemade salsa (seriously, this stuff is the best.) Make this egg skillet for breakfast or lunch- you won’t be disappointed.

Read more and see the recipe.

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Za’atar Roasted Tomato Salad with Black Lentils

Za’atar Roasted Tomato Salad with Black Lentils | Naturally Ella

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I have a fairly simple equation to my salad making that I follow most of the time. It is typically along the lines of greens + vegetable + legumes+ nuts/seeds. That’s it, that forms the base for salads. From there I’ll switch flavors, dressings, and add cheese. This particular tomato salad is no different. I like kale salads during the summer because the heat makes most other greens bitter. Roasted tomatoes are eaten every day, the za’atar is technically the seed portion, and black lentils are one of my favorite salad add-ins. The black lentils hold up well when cooked and also add a beautiful color to the overall dish.

This is the second recipe in my series with about a hard to find ingredient: black lentils. As I mentioned in my last recipe, black lentils are a bit hit and miss at stores but a necessity for me to have on hand for salads, tacos, and stews. Luckily, they sourced the perfect ingredient so that it’s easy to find and order! Read more and see the recipe.

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